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I guess you can say my path to writing began back in 1965 when the Hill family moved away while I was at school. Coming home to find an empty house, I was certain they had been killed, and I convinced a friend to break in with me to find the bodies. Did I mention I was eleven?

Needless to say, the Hill family wasn't in the house. They had indeed moved away, but it shows I had quite an imagination, even as a child. So was it any wonder that I would turn to writing cozy mysteries? It took many years to get to this point, but I'm very proud of my Alex Harris Mysteries series.

In 1986 a week-long trip to London turned into a 12-year journey living in Brussels. Fried Calamari Looks A Lot Like Onion Rings, is my memoir chronicling my years living in Belgium. If you've ever done anything impulsive, yearned to travel, or fell in love, this book just might be for you.

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